About Torch Restaurant

Our original concept was born about 18 years ago when we realized that there were plenty of Indian restaurants, yet all lacked the qualities a fine-dining establishment and somehow contributed to a "hole in the wall" stereotype commonly attributed to many ethnic restaurants. We wanted to graduate our cuisine and culture into an elevated perception that incorporated authentic food, high standards of customer service & satisfaction, and a level of refinement that has been absent from most Indian restaurants in the past. Through much time and dedication, we established a restaurant concept centered on a particular theme, the Shehnai. A musical instrument that appears as beautiful as it sounds, the Shehnai is an inspiring symbol that personifies the Indian culture and tradition. When its sound resonates it delivers sentiments in line with royalty, sincerity, grace and passion; we believe that our concept possessed the same qualities. After 16 years of service in our Shehnai Indian Restaurants, we decided it was time to graduate once again to the next level of dining and entertainment, an experience where our customers can appreciate more than just traditional Indian fare. As a result, we arrived at Torch; a common emblem of hope and enlightenment among many cultures.

We invite you to come and relax, have fun and enjoy our vision of a sultry and exciting restaurant & lounge that also offers full banquet services for larger parties. Our inspiration comes from the cultures & flavors of India and Asia, offering a spiritual dining experience that enlightens each of your senses beyond measure. At Torch, indulge in an intersection of cuisines from India, Thailand and China, with friendly service and full attention to detail. Open for lunch and dinner, our focus is to perfectly pair each genre of cuisine so that each flavor profile marries together in a way that excites yet contradicts your traditional understanding of Indian and Asian cooking. For instance, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well our traditional Chicken Tikka Masala and authentic Pad Thai taste together along with Asian Fried Rice. Our menu covers all bases, whether you want to come in with a group and enjoy a family-style dining experience or enjoy your own plate and accompaniments specifically crafted for your individual pleasure. Our 21 foot bar, indoor vortex fireplaces and surrounding lounge area provides an inviting experience to enjoy happy hour or even dinner after a long day at work. For nightlife during the week and especially on weekends, come and dine with us for dinner while our live DJ’s spin international lounge and house music to further stimulate your dining experience at Torch. Our goal is to please, and we look forward to entertaining you with our ambiance, vibe, service and unparalleled mix of cuisines.